Beholder zombie

Its appearance is that of a floating orb of flesh with a large mouth, single central eyeand many smaller eyestalks on top with powerful magical abilities. I, Tyrant expands the information on beholders through details of the race's history, religion, culture, settlements and psychology, and more.

Based on Tom Wham 's depiction in the first edition Monster ManualTSR artist Keith Parkinson characterized its popular appearance with plate-like armored scales and arthropod-like eyestalks.

Jeff Grubb cites Keith Parkinson's artwork as the inspiration for the beholder-kin created for the Spelljammer campaign setting. The beholder appears in the revised Monster Manual for the 3.

The mindwitness was a sample creature of the half-illithid template using a beholder as the base creature, featured on Wizards of the Coast's website on August 14, The beholder appears along with the more powerful undead death tyrant and the spectator in the 5th Edition Monster Manual The half-illithid mindwitness also makes an appearance in this book.

Xanathar is also one of the possible villains adventurers can face in the adventure module Waterdeep: Dragon Heist A Beholder is an aberration comprising a floating spheroid body with a large fanged mouth and single eye on the front and many flexible eyestalks on the top.

A beholder's eyes each possess a different magical ability; the main eye projects an anti-magical cone, and the other eyes have different spell -like abilities disintegrate objects, transmute flesh to stone, cause sleep, slow the motion of objects or beings, charm animals, charm humans, cause death, induce fear, levitate objects, and inflict serious wounds.

Many variant beholder species exist, such as "observers", "spectators", "eyes of the deep", "elder orbs", "hive mothers", and "death tyrants". In addition, some rare beholders can use their eyes for non-standard spell-like abilities; these mutant beholders are often killed or exiled by their peers. Beholders wishing to cast spells like ordinary wizards relinquish the traditional use of their eyestalks, and put out their central anti-magic eye, making these beholder mages immediate outcasts.

In 4th edition, different breeds of Beholders have different magic abilities. The Beholder Eye Tyrant is mostly unchanged from traditional beholders, but the Death Ray causes ongoing necrotic damage rather than an instant kill, and the Disintegration Ray does not automatically kill its target.

In this edition, the Beholder's central eye no longer cancels out magic, instead dazing or giving some vulnerability to its victim. Beholders are extremely xenophobic. They will sometimes take members of other, non-beholder races as slaves; however, they will engage in a violent intra-species war with others of their kind who differ even slightly in appearance.

This intense hatred of other beholders is not universal; the most prominent exceptions are Hive Mothers, who use their powers of mind control to form hives with other beholders and beholder-kin. Beholder communities in the Underdark often, when provoked, wage war on any and all nearby settlements, finding the most resistance from the drow and illithids.

Beholders worship their insane, controlling goddess known as the Great Mother, though some also, or instead, follow her rebel offspring, Gzemnid, the beholder god of gases. Some beholder strains have mutated far from the basic beholder stock. These are aberrant beholders, of which there are numerous different types.

Beholders are especially prominent in the Forgotten Realms campaign settingwhere they infiltrate and seek to control many sectors of society—many beholders are allied to the Zhentarimsome work with the Red Wizards of Thayand a particularly powerful beholder, known as "The Evil Eye" or "The Xanathar" controls Skullport 's influential Thieves Guild.

Beholders also compete to control the Underdark from where most of them originate, with their base of power in the City of the Eye Tyrants, Ootul. Known for shooting beams from their medusa-like eye tentacles and petrifying would-be adventurers. According to Ken Rolstonthe beholder and the mind flayer "win starring roles as intergalactic menaces" in Spelljammer, and notes that the beholders, "with their abundant magical powers, are perhaps the most formidable warrior race of the universe, but fortunately they are too busy slaughtering one another to present a big threat to other spacefaring races".

Beholders in the Spelljammer campaign are common antagonists, like the deadly neogi and sadistic illithids.I'm planting trees with my site. Beholders are horrifying beings with incredible intelligence, and even great powers. They possess the ability to alter reality around them, cast all sorts of magic from any one of their many eyes, think beyond the capability of any other being, and they're incredibly paranoid.

Their paranoia comes from their ability to see all around them, as well as their intelligence. They can quickly imagine all possible scenarios in which a specific event could unfold, or in which two events could be linked.

Whether true or not, this is something that makes the beholders all the more dangerous. Beholder names are very diverse, but tend to be more melodic sounding in the first half, and harsher sounding in the second half of their names.

This isn't a very strict naming convention, but it is a common element. Their names can also range widely in length, from a mere 3 character name to names 10 or more characters long.

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The beholder is an aberration—a magically summoned creature of extraplanar origin—with a hateful, avaricious and territorial temperament. It has little purpose in life beyond guarding its chosen turf. It has an innate ability to hover, so it can never be knocked prone. These rays have a range of feet, enough to keep trespassers at a distance for two to five combat rounds. Finally, a beholder in its lair has access to three lair actions: slippery slime on the floor, grasping appendages flailing from the walls and random beholder eyes appearing on nearby surfaces.

And a beholder encounter almost always happens in its lair. At the start of its turn, it must decide whether to use its Antimagic Cone. A group of intruders appears in the doorway. Every instinct it has tells it to kill the intruders. The only function its Antimagic Cone will have is to interfere with its killing the intruders.

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As written, the Antimagic Cone seems at first to be a power of highly questionable usefulness. But with a little geometry, we can see how the Antimagic Cone can be made to work effectively. The upshot is that, while enemies are at a distance, the Antimagic Cone is practically useless. Giger—draws—Mike Wazowski face, roll higher initative and act first?

Dungeons and Dragons Lore: Beholder

When its own turn comes, it projects three Eye Rays. These rays are chosen at random, based on three d10 rolls with duplicates rerolled. How does the beholder choose its targets? The beholder has Intelligence 17, so it knows better than to use its Telekinetic Ray against a hulking barbarian brute, its Disintegration Ray against a hyperactive halfling rogue, its Paralyzing Ray against a doughty dwarf, or its Charm Ray or Sleep Ray against an elf.

It aims the first at a weak-looking wizard, the second at a frail-ish rogue or warlock, and the third at a non-elf fighter or rogue.

It might be right; it might be wrong. But its first guess is always going to be a sensible guess. On subsequent rounds, the beholder refines its choices. If one or more PCs is charging in to fight the beholder up close, it favors slippery slime.Undead Fortitude. On a success, the zombie drops to 1 hit point instead. Hit: 14 4d6 piercing damage. Eye Ray. The zombie uses a random magical eye ray, choosing a target that it can see within 60 feet of it.

Beholder Variants for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

Zombies This monster is a member of the Zombies group. Actions Bite. Paralyzing Ray. The targeted creature must succeed on a DC 14 Constitution saving throw or be paralyzed for 1 minute. The target can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success. Fear Ray. The targeted creature must succeed on a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw or be frightened for 1 minute. Enervation Ray. The targeted creature must make a DC 14 Constitution saving throw, taking 36 8d8 necrotic damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.

Disintegration Ray. If the target is a creature, it must succeed on a DC 14 Dexterity saving throw or take 45 10d8 force damage. If this damage reduces the creature to 0 hit points, its body becomes a pile offine gray dust. If the target is a Large or smaller nonmagical object or creation of magical force, it is disintegrated without a saving throw.

If the target is a Huge or larger nonmagical object or creation of magical force, this ray disintegrates a foot cube of it.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Role-playing Games Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for gamemasters and players of tabletop, paper-and-pencil role-playing games.

It only takes a minute to sign up. There is no zombie formula. The 3 types of zombies featured in the Monster Manual aren't independently created creatures, but they are independent of each other. The Ogre Zombie is simply an interesting variant on the regular Ogre. Lower AC makes players feel more effective, with higher HP making sure the battle is no less challenging. If you look at the melee attack of the 2 creatures, you can see that it is identical, because they're effectively the same creature.

beholder zombie

The Beholder Zombie is one of 4 types of Beholders. They all follow the same pattern, but with varying levels of power. Spectrums like this one are fairly common in the Monster Manual, particularly with iconic creatures like beholders.

This allows a DM to include one of the classic monsters in their campaign regardless of whether it is a high- or low- level campaign. Other examples of this phenomenon include golems, hags, demons, devils, dragons, giants, angels, lycanthropes, and even oozes. I could go on for longer, but I think you get the idea. If you want to zombify a creature, start by deciding whether you want being a zombie to make it more, less, or equally challenging.

Then add zombie traits such as Undead Fortitude, lowered mental abilities, and increased Constitution. You can adjust HP and AC depending on how challenging you want it to be. You'll have to do this individually for each creature, though, if you want to maintain its unique flavour while adding zombie flavour.

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beholder zombie

How are statistics for zombie versions of creatures determined? Ask Question.Beholder is a fictional monster that plays an important role in dungeons and dragons. Its appearance is entirely different with fleshy mouth, smaller eye stalks with single Central which looks completely with powerful magical abilities. Beholder appeared in each and every editions and it is one of the interesting game that was first introduced by the supplement of Dungeons And Dragons.

In beholder 5 e the eye which looks in an observing way and it is beauty that is created by the observers it is one of the admiring creature of beauty. It is sometimes known as a spear of many eyes and normally it will be found in the under dark areas with intelligent purpose and it is really a great threat to the world.

Beholders is completely more recognisable that is created by dungeons and dragons beholder and initially this was appeared in the year most of the dungeons and dragons beholder shows a thrilling experience to the people all over the world. It is a common type of rays which is found with stylish scenario and it is an uncommon body cords that is placed with several kind of slave holders and designed with dungeons and dragons Monster type of body by their own.

Beholder monster manual are very nasty and many of them hate the species with the patient since due to any e other consideration in life the beholders which will entirely look in a variant way however it creates a thrilling affect to the audience.

It is entire leader signed with the hard multi-point system that allows the entire figure with the single point and it enables to look forward straight in a second island position. The gallery of dungeons and dragons eye ball monster will be very thrilling and here it will be included with multiple pilot points with additional security in order to prevent torque and swing of the security system.

Audience should be really aware of the dungeons and dragons beholder eye stalks it is stunning realistic figure. The Beholder is designed with the spherical floating body and it is very large mouth with single eye and it has much flexible thorny eye stalks on the top. Beholder 5e roll 20 is extremely designed with non holder races and it is designed in a violent way to kill every appearance that is not introduced in a universal way.

It completely proves the power of mind control and the beholder community often finds a settlement through the resistance from the drone and illithids.

Beholder is a different type of creature which appears very simple with flush body d and arrogant eyes. Beholder is sometimes that is found with tyrant and normally it is orb shaped creature that is formed with intelligent and powerful stacks. Beholder eye stalks are heavily identifiable and it is very essential to create a massive anatomy of the feature and it is referred to as fear of many eyes. The entire body is very impossible to create and it will look with unusual high degree and the colour is much darkened and mostly lives with the under area conditions with simple physical features and mostly it will live above the ground level.

Beholder dragon is particularly strong with many magical creatures and it will find with terrifying abilities and it is knocked out with charming and disintegrating features in order to kill their enemies.

beholder zombie

It is designed with terrifying nature of abilities and it is designed with the combination of Central beholder project and it is cancelled with all its super natural abilities to destroy their enemies. It is build with very strong power to attack the entire large town with its toothy Maw. It is designed with excellent personality creature and it is ruled in a greedy violent way for both the power and wealth over the other innovation. It is really a hungering portion of power and wealth which behaves perfectly with other beholders and it is one of the most ultimate images in the creature.

This is basically divided into two multiple separate entities in which it can be bonded with its half and the other can be created with its own relationship. They are completely molded with the paranoid beholder at the same time its eyes looks very thrilling to destroy opponent enemies. Beholder is a famous species and is observed with heavy mothers and it is created with the race of xenophobia and it is completely cruel in nature.A beholder is a giant lumpy The tentacles also have eyes at the end of them.

This naturally doesn't stop weirdly similar creatures from appearing in various weeaboo JRPGs and related works, where they're usually called "gazers" or similar. Yes, this includes Monstergirls. Beholders are selfish bastards who love to manipulate and enslave any races considered beneath themselves i.

They are extremely xenophobic even going so far as to kill other individuals of their species that look even slightly different from themselves, though they always go after the more extreme divergences first; two beholders will gang up on the "freak" with scales and fiery eyes before trying to kill each other over the differences in their numbers of teeth.

Despite this, or perhaps because of it, the beholder race has a lot of genetic variety as evidenced by the number of Beholder variants, all of whom hate each other, as listed below. They are greedy, often living in dungeons stuffed with valuables. They can cast magic from their eyes and often rule over unwilling souls through domination. One even runs the Thieves' Guild of Skullport, the most recent of several beholders to have done so. Beholders worship the Great Mother and due to their massive egos, each beholder is convinced that not only does the Great Mother look exactly like itself, but also that it's literally their mother false memories are funny like that.

Beholders also have another god named Gzemnid who is associated with gases and deception. Much information about their biology and culture was revealed in the book Lords of Madness. Most kinds of beholders had a Telekinesis Ray that they could use to slide enemies about, though for most that's all they do.

The first two variants are what 5e calls Legendary creatures, meaning they have extra powers in their lairs that they can trigger on Initiative Count 20, certain specific effects mark the regions in which they lair, and they have special Legendary Actions that they can perform outside of the normal turn sequence. Their legendary ego has been given up a serious boost; now, beholders mutate at random just by accidentally thinking too hard, their ego is that overpowering.

This is also how they reproduce now: by sleeping and dreaming of other beholders, bending reality in that way. Gazers as they are typically known due to copyright are often depicted as arrogant, selfish beings that do not hesitate to use their eye ray powers to get what they want.

Still, beholder-girls are a rarity, simply because there's something rather counter-intuitive about turning a floating head full of teeth and eyes into a monstergirl.

Described as spiteful and full of themselves, their deepest secret is that this is mostly bluster to cover up feelings of insecurity about their looks. They specialize in hypnotic spells, mostly to brainwash men into falling in love with them. Jump to: navigationsearch. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. This page was last modified on 27 Januaryat Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view.


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